Plans and Progress



  • Connect believers to The Milk, The Song, and The Way.
  • Share value of messages with leaders.
  • Land interviews and speaker invitations.
  • Introduce books at events and fellowships.
  • Record video mini-messages.


  • Believers are listening!
  • Leaders ARE sensing value. Please pray!
  • Church planter considering The Milk!
  • Discipleship school leader doing the same!
  • Church education director reading the books!
  • Christian bloger hearing The Song!
  • Guest Speaker @ IHP! Oct/2018
  • Guest Speaker @ HCHF! Dec/2018
  • Guest Speaker @ DTF! July/2019
  • Book sales @ YPC by CSG June/2019
  • Book sales @ DCLV June/2019
  • Book sales @ Champions Apr/2019
  • Book sales @ ICLV ProCon Jan/2019
  • Book sales @ G&EKR Pop-up! Dec/2018
  • More great reader reviews posted on Amazon.
  • Might start on those videos!
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